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Tasting Policies

Our tasting policy

If you are looking for a caterer to cater multiple events a month at your office/venue we will will be happy to bring you a free tasting.
Just email us
​ Orders@dpcatering.com

Thank you for looking to Design Perfect Catering for your catering needs! We hope that we are a good fit for your special event and look forward to having the opportunity to serve you and your guests.

In order to schedule a tasting, we require that we have a prepared proposal for you and that you have at least a location secured for your event and preferably both the location and the date of your event, established. Keep in mind that some venue locations require you to use their exclusive caterer or a caterer on their exclusive list. Some allow caterers outside of their list but they might charge a fee and if they do, we will gladly offer to split the fee. If they do, we will gladly offer to split the fee if you choose to go with us. Check with the venues you are considering for catering options and policies. Feel free to ask your DP Event Specialist to assist you with any considered venues.

For your tasting, up to four people are allowed to try four food items: two of which can be entrées and the other two may be any combination of an appetizer, side, or salad.

Proposals under $1,500

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate private tastings for events under this estimate.

Proposals $1,500 - $3,000

$150 flat tasting fee and $75 can be credited towards the event if you book with us. Should you end up going over 3k after your tasting, the $150 fee will be credited to your event.

Proposals of 3k and up

COMPLIMENTARY TASTING- $150 flat tasting fee which will be fully credited to your event should you book with us. If the final cost of your event comes to be under 3k then a $75 credit will be applied.

If tasting fees apply they will be based on the final cost of your event and credits for the tasting will be applied to your final bill. Tasting fees of $150 are due one week prior to the tasting.

Tasting Cancellations: Please let us know at least the day before (during business hours 9 to 5, Monday through Friday) if for some reason you are unable to make it to your scheduled tasting. However, whether complimentary or not, and you are unable to give us at least a 10-hour notice, we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee to cover the kitchen labor and food cost up to $150. Please email your Event Specialist and call our office/leave a message at 425.467.8129 to confirm your cancellation.

Thank you so much for considering Design Perfect! We look forward to serving you and all of your guests!